Corporate and Non-Profit Retirement Plans

We have been working with corporate retirement plans under ERISA for over 30 years.  We have lived through waves of regulatory changes, busts and booms, the near-elimination of corporate defined benefit plans and the growth of 401(k) plans.

Our goal is to help you design a retirement plan that works in harmony with the goals of your organization to use your retirement benefit resources most effectively.

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Among the services we provide to corporate retirement plans are:

  1. Preparation of annual actuarial valuations, as required by ERISA. The actuarial valuation report will include a meaningful analysis of the current funded status of the plan, a description of the current plan benefit structure, and a list of relevant information regarding the current plan participants. We also meet with our clients to discuss the actuarial valuation and the status of their plans.
  2. Preparation of annual participant benefit statements for active plan members, which summarize each participant’s current and projected monthly retirement benefits.
  3. Preparation of the forms required to be filed with the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service, including Form 5500 and required schedules.
  4. Preparation of Annual Premium Payment Forms, including calculation of the plan’s annual premium, for the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).
  5. Calculation of plan benefits for terminating and retiring participants, including preparation of forms for participants to make any required elections.
  6. Determination of quarterly contribution requirements.
  7. 401(k) compliance wrap services.
  8. Enhanced employee communication services.
  9. Review of plan documents.
  10. Plan Design.

Corporate retirement plans are becoming more complicated and compliance more difficult.  We specialize in the compliance aspects of ERISA plans and will work to make this simpler for you.