Independence: What We Are Not!

When we started The Actuarial Practice at Municipal Finance Partners, Inc., we chose to be an independent, fee-based consulting firm.  Our independence allows us to offer unbiased advice to our clients as well as work with other professionals, such as investment advisors, attorneys and auditors to help establish a team of experts, devoted solely to serving the client.  We are proud to be recommended by other professionals; they have helped us to build our business.

In order to focus solely on providing exceptional actuarial and administrative services to our clients, there are things we cannot be:

Independence Hall
Philadelphia, PA
  • We are not attorneys.  We will use our experience to provide a practical perspective to implement laws and regulations; however, we know when to refer issues to our clients’ legal counsel.
  • We do not provide investment advice.  We do not receive compensation based upon your pension fund’s value.  This is vital to being able to set investment return assumptions on an unbiased basis.
  • We do not sell insurance products.  When a plan is considering the purchase of insurance products, we can help you evaluate alternatives impartially.