The MFP Advantage

Here is what you get when you make The Actuarial Practice at Municipal Finance Partners, Inc. a part of your team:

  1. Partnership: Our firm’s name is the source of our advantage.  We have worked hard to forge partnerships with our clients to work seamlessly towards reaching their  retirement plan goals and serving the needs of their employees.
  2. A fresh look: We don’t want to ever tell a client, “…because that’s how we’ve always done it.”  Our times require a new approach, a reexamination of your methods and assumptions, administrative procedures and, sometimes, the plan benefits themselves.
  3. Timely responses to requests:  Our clients always know how to reach us and have learned to expect immediate responses to their needs.
  4. Well thought-out answers:  There is no template one can use to be an effective consultant.  We rely on actuarial first principles to answer your questions in a thoughtful and effective manner.
  5. Education: Pension plans are not a “black box;”  in fact, they are much more straightforward than most people realize.  We will break down the details and make them understandable to our clients.  We often hear from our clients that that this knowledge is the most valuable thing that we bring to the table.
  6. Useful Reports:  No one, outside of those of us with financial or actuarial expertise, wants to read a report consisting of tables of numbers.  Our reports are written to be reviewed and understood by our audience, whether professional politicians, government employees, or community members who come from all walks of life. We do this through charts and explanations tailored to the needs of the reader.
  7. Strong Presentations: The modern actuary has the tools at his disposal to make our work so much clearer and more understandable to all interested parties. We excel at using these tools to aid in the clear presentation of results.
FNB Park, Dauphin County, PA