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Pennsylvania’s Counties

The purpose of the County Pension Forum is to provide a forum to discuss issues regarding pension plans sponsored by Pennsylvania Counties under Act 96 of 1971, the “County Pension Law.”

The responsibility of governing and properly funding pension plans falls on the County Retirement Board; however, administrative responsibilities can be spread among the Controllers’ Office, the County Treasurer, the County Clerk for Finance Director, the Commissioners’ Office or even outside entities. I have created this forum to encourage anyone working with Pennsylvania County Pension Plans to participate and share knowledge in one place.

This forum is not intended to provide legal advice. I, myself, am not an attorney and am not qualified to render legal advice. I intend to be a moderator and not a commentator. On the occasion where I do comment, it will be to clarify issues and/or add information to a discussion.

The typical items of discussion tend to be items like the definition of salaries for pension purposes, how service is credited in different situations, etc. We hope that, over time, the discussions will evolve into more aspects of pension plan management. I encourage all to participant and share their experience and knowledge.

What the Forum ISNT:

This is not legal advice. Municipal Finance Partners, Inc. is an actuarial firm and our management and employees are not attorneys and are not qualified to provide legal advice. Our role is to provide a forum for discussion. Any legal issues should be referred to the County Solicitor or other legal counsel.

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